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Is Your Child Ready to be Home Alone?
If there was an emergency and there was not an adult nearby, are you confident that your child knows what to do...
  •  If there is a stranger at the door?
  •  If they see or smell smoke?
  •  If they burn or cut themselves?
The parents who invest in Home Alone Class are not only preparing their children to be independent enough that they can plan to leave them home alone for short periods of time... many of our parents simply want the peace of mind that if an unexpected emergency happens, their child will be okay.

Home Alone Class is a tool to help families ensure that they are prepared for Home Alone situations. The course guides you and your child through the lessons that children need to learn before they take that next step in their independence. With Home Alone Class, your family will feel more prepared and confident when your child is without adult supervision.
Why You Need Home Alone Class:
Even If Your Child Is NOT Ready To Be Home Alone:
  •  You Can't ALWAYS Be There: Even something as innocent as hopping in the shower can mean your child is alone for short periods of time. They should know how to be safe in these situations.
  •  Unexpected Emergencies: A babysitter may fall through, or traffic/weather may delay you returning home from work.
  •  Better Safe than Sorry: There are no "cons" to teaching your child these skills and preparing your family for emergencies. 
  •  Caregiver Emergencies: Caregivers may experience medical emergencies that require your child to know how to be independent.
  •  Fill In The Gaps: We're busy as parents, and Home Alone Class helps ensure that your family doesn't inadvertantly forget to teach any essential skills.
  •  Importance of Independence: Teaching our children Home Alone skills empowers them to be more confident and self-assured.
Everything You Get Inside Home Alone Class:
30-minute Parent Webinar & Getting Started Video
7 Video Lessons For Kids
Lesson 1: Communication

Lesson 3: 
Rules & Expectations
Lesson 2: Responsibility

Lesson 4: 
Lesson 5: 
Basic First Aid
Lesson 6: 
Emergency Situations
Lesson 7:
Home Specific Info
PLUS: 9 Printable Planning Aids
Parent Resources
Kid's Home Alone Folder
  •  Parent Handbook
  •  Home Alone Prep Checklist
  • Safety Checklist
  •  Family Binder Checklist
  • Home Alone Checklist
  •  In Case of Emergency
  •   Family Evacuation Plan
  •  Quiz
  •  Completion Certificate
Why Home Alone Class Works:
  •  The Research Is Done For You
  •  Your Child Will Learn Everything They Need To Know 
  •  We Reinforce the Lessons You Teach
  •  You Will Have The Tools To Prepare And Assess Their Comprehension 
  •  Everyone Will Feel More Confident & Prepared...
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